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Anxious Patients

Dental Sleep

Are you afraid of visiting your dentist or anxious about undergoing Dental treatment?

We understand that many people have a fear of undergoing dental treatment, so we offer two onsite sedation products that are designed to help you relax and stay calm during dental treatment.

Happy Gas

Happy Gas is a gas that is inhaled through a facial mask to relax nervous or anxious patients during dental treatment. Usually patients feel a sense of warmth and euphoria during treatment with happy gas and don’t feel pain or fear

Your new smile is closer than you think!

We have a convenient interest-free payment schedule available to assist with making fee payments most suitable to you and your lifestyle. Actual fees do differ between patients, depending on the treatment required, and the complexity of the treatment. Health fund rebates are available for orthodontic treatment, the benefits of which will vary depending on your nominated health fund.